Farrah Abraham Threatens to 'Kill Everyone' on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

For someone who claims she hates drama, this girl certainly seems like she walks in a big cloud of it. For instance, Farrah Abraham recently threatened to kill her costars on Celebrity Big Brother UK, which pretty much is the most dramatic thing you can say about other people.


The Teen Mom OG star's temper exploded on Monday's episode, after a fight about rationing the house's food supply escalated and Natasha Hamilton made a comment about Farrah's family that clearly got her riled up. 

"Do you know what, when you get upset about bringing up our families, you bring up your dad on the way out," Farrah screamed. "I'm not about negativity in the house anymore." Yes, she is clearly sunshine and rainbows.

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Anyway, the producers called her into the diary room, where she really let loose on how she was feeling about her housemates. "I was going to f*cking obliterate the scum of this house," Farrah confessed. "I am straight up going to kill everyone in this house. I'm sick of this negative bullsh*t when they're the scum of the earth. Don't f*cking piss me off."

Girlfriend clearly hates drama. Or something.

Image via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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