Ben Higgins May Wind Up Dating More Than One Past 'Bachelor' Contestant

Ben Higgins is undeniably a dream of a man, and it's not that hard to figure it out -- I mean, just look at the guy. Some of the stars of Bachelor seasons past have taken notice too, and now it's rumored that we'll be seeing some familiar faces step out of Bachelor limos on the first night


The big question right now is whether or not Nick's reappearance during Kaitlyn's season really was a special, one-time thing, or if he opened up The Bachelor for all the future incest it wants. 

If so, here are some women we already know from past Bachelor season that definitely, for sure want some of what Ben H. has got:

  1. Tenley Molzahn: Back before we knew for sure that Ben was it, there were rumors flying that Ben and Tenley were already dating. Here's the pic that started it all:

    See how the space between Ben and Ten (Benley? Tenjamin?) is a little bit smaller than the space between the rest? Well, that sent off a cascade of rumors about their hidden love and all that, but I'm not so sure. She could just be avoiding JJ.

    In any case, people seem to think that if the producers will let her, Tenley wants in on this season of The Bachelor. And honestly? I love Tenley. Bring her on. 

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  2. Becca Tilley: Becca was a little less subtle about her interest -- actually, she wasn't subtle at all. She tweeted about it.
    She's not wrong. Becca is a total babe, and it wouldn't be the worst thing to watch her try for love again. 
  3. Andi Dorfman: Sure, Andi already had a shot on The Bachelor and as the Bachelorette, but don't they say that the third time's the charm?
    It's kind of hard to tell if she's joking here, but if she's not, then maybe the producers will let her on -- she's still well loved, after all. Also, Ben H. and Josh do look kind of similar, so maybe she has a type ...? 

After all the twists of last season, season 20 seems to be off to a very normal start. That could be really good news for the past Bachelor girls ... and for us, too. We still want to see our faves find love!


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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