'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Samantha & Nick Share Update on Their Relationship

Nick Peterson Samantha SteffenMan. Who else will admit to being kind of a hot mess during the Bachelor in Paradise finale last night? Between trying to get over Kirk dumping Carly, wondering why in the heck Tenley wouldn't at least give her relationship with Joshua a good old college try, and crying tears of joy over Tanner and Jade's engagement, we were also left scratching our heads over the odd couple that is Samantha and Nick.


Um ... after seeing how awkward the interaction between them was as Nick offered Sam that final rose, most fans were probably willing to bet that the two of them lasted all of about 5 seconds after the plane took off from Mexico.

But lo and behold, it appears as though they not only made it back to the States as a duo -- these two crazy kids are actually still together and in love and all that sappy stuff.


Whoever would've guessed that a.) Samantha was capable of actually committing to one dude without jumping into a hot tub with someone else, and b.) that Nick actually wants to pursue a woman for something other than fame or fortune (given his shady Bachelor Pad past)?

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These two really do seem like the most random, unlikely match in Bachelor history -- well, except for Sam and Joe Bailey, that is.

Duh, of course he weighed in on how he feels about Sam now that she and Nick are all sorts of happy.

Joe bailey tweet

Yeah ... sure sounds like he's come to terms with the fact that Samantha is the one who played him, not the other way around.

Oh come on -- didn't you notice how she was squirming in her seat during her fantasy suite date with Nick, when he kept talking about how they'd been talking for a good three months prior to the show?

As the season went on, it became more and more obvious that she had an agenda right from the get-go, and surprisingly enough ... it seems to have panned out in her favor.

Let's go ahead and wish Sam and Nick all the best, shall we? One thing's for sure -- they definitely deserve each other.


Image via thenickpeterson/Instagram

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