Jenelle Evans Gives Insight as to Just How Bad Her Relationship With Nathan Really Was (VIDEO)

Jenelle EvansEven though Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith recently broke up for the umpteeth time, there's always that chance they'll get back together. But now? It sounds like Jenelle may have officially broken the vicious cycle. According to the Teen Mom 2 star herself, Jenelle is done with Nathan for good. Finally! 


In a recent interview with Rumor Fix, Jenelle spoke openly about her relationship with Nathan and how abusive it was, and her maturity in talking about it is really impressive. 

"This [relationship] really opened my eyes a lot because I've never been treated so poorly or disrespected," she said. "He showed me all the qualities of a man that you don't want, and it taught me a huge lesson." 

She's right -- Nathan isn't exactly Prince Charming. Between his arrest record and his abusive tendencies, he's not the picture of a perfect partner, and it's good to see that Jenelle is finally able to recognize that and know that he's not someone she wants to go back to.

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She also talked about times where Jace didn't want Nathan around because Jace could recognize that Nathan wasn't treating Jenelle well, which just goes to show that Nathan's behavior was truly unacceptable. 

In reference to Jace and Kaiser, Jenelle said, "I'm trying to teach them as well as I can from the relationships that I have been in. I'm trying to teach them the best way to grow up as a man with respect."

Go, Jenelle! It sounds like she really is learning from her mistakes and becoming a better person (and mom) because of it. It's obvious that Jenelle is way better off without Nathan. She's right to stand up for the way she deserves to be treated, and someday, she'll find a guy who will treat her well. She's earned it!


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