Chris Harrison Admits He Watches 'Bachelor in Paradise' With the Last Person We Expected

If you're shy about discussing the birds and the bees with your child, here's one way to do it. Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison says he and his 11-year-old daughter watch the show together and that it has helped create a dialogue about dating and morality. No, really.


Harrison told People he and his tween daughter Taylor often bond over the show by curling up into bed together and watching as twentysomethings take turns dating each other on a secluded paradise retreat. Very realistic, right? No matter, because the host says the show and its colorful cast of bachelors and bachelorettes have helped them maintain an open, honest discussion about love.

Here's what Harrison told People:

It opens up a dialogue and allows us to communicate about things that might be awkward or weird. Far be it for me to say that it’s a good tool for parenting, but it does bring up conversations and it does bring up debates about dating, what’s okay and what’s not. It allows us to talk about things in an unguarded environment. I can gauge her temperature on things and everything she says to me, it’s like, ‘Okay, good girl, you’ve been raised right!’

Harrison, who also has a 13-year-old son named Joshua, says he previews all episodes before allowing his children to watch them — thank goodness for that.

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I understand some people probably feel it's inappropriate for Harrison to allow his young kids to learn about dating from a show filled with sexy adults who are often spotted making out with each other. In my opinion, it's unwise to treat tweens and teens as if they live in a bubble. They're hearing way worse about relationships and sex at school — at the very least, Harrison is offering his children an opportunity to ask questions as they watch the show together.

And, really, what kid wouldn't be excited to watch their dad, who just so happens to host one of the most popular reality TV shows of all time?


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