Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert's 'Bachelor in Paradise' Love Story Is Far From Over (VIDEO)

jade roperWith the Bachelor in Paradise season finale less than a week away (the two-part episode airs Sunday and Monday nights), fans are desperately trying to figure out whether their favorite couple, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, are staying together -- especially after a preview clip featuring Jade in tears!


Viewers on Team "Janner" are crossing their fingers that it'll be Jade's finger wearing the engagement ring when all is said and done, but Jade's tearful face in the below video is somewhat worrisome. Check it out:

Hmmm, Jade definitely seems upset about something. Then again, so does pretty much everybody else. And rumor has it Jade isn't actually upset about her relationship with Tanner at all -- according to the current reality show water cooler gossip, Jade is crying over the demise of her friend Carly Waddell's relationship with Kirk DeWindt. 

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Aha! Well, that's not so bad (unless you were rooting for Carly and Kirk to make it, in which case, bummer). If Carly and Kirk aren't gonna make it, then those blue fingernails must belong to Jade, right? And now, presumably, that gorgeous engagement ring must belong to Jade, too. And now, also presumably, we can look forward to seeing Jade and Tanner's wedding on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise!! 

It's the circle of life, people. And it moves us all.


Image via Anna Marie/YouTube

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