Leah Messer Admits She Ditched Rehab but We Really Can't Blame Her

It was quite an emotional week for the girls on Teen Mom 2 tonight! Jenelle and Nathan continued to cycle through their break-up-and-make-up pattern, Javi lost his cool with Kailyn over what should have been a non-issue, Chelsea wondered about Adam's involvement in Aubree's life, and we finally finally found out why Leah delayed her rehab treatment.


Leah Messer just went through an ugly divorce with Jeremy Calvert, and understandably wanted to take some time to get herself together and emotionally healthy. We knew last spring that she stalled her treatment before eventually completing a month-long stay. 

The day before she was supposed to enter the facility in another state, Leah's mom dropped twins Ali and Aleeah off with their dad, Corey Simms. There was a kerfuffle when Dawn asked if she could take them them to see their mom over Mother's Day weekend, and he refused, since he didn't know where she was staying.

It was understandable, but Leah's mom came away with the impression that he would try to file for sole custody of the kids. Leah's lawyer then advised her to come home and make sure they get a solid custody agreement in place before she enters treatment.

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I really felt for Corey in this situation. He was just trying to look out for the girls, and probably would have been fine with their visiting Leah if they had told him where she was staying. But, water under the bridge at this point, I guess. 

Meanwhile in Delaware, things seem to be going better between Kailyn Lowry and her ex Jo Rivera than ever -- which is good because he just moved into her neighborhood. He came over to talk about custody of their son Isaac, and they pretty much called a truce.

All was well until Kail told her hubby Javi Marroquin about the meeting, and he totally flipped his lid that they met at his house without his being there. She reassured him that they just sat on the front porch, but he was pretty upset. Jealous much?

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were going through one of the multiple breakups on this episode, and it's the first time he's actually gone and gotten a new girlfriend. The domestic violence charges against him were dropped, but Jenelle still wanted to be with him, despite saying that he was controlling and verbally abusive. Girlfriend needs to drop him like a hot potato.

And in South Dakota, Chelsea Houska celebrates Aubree's graduation from preschool, after Adam Lind accused her of not telling him about it. She had, of course, and she sent him a screenshot of the text, but that boy has a thick skull.

Anyway, things are continuing to progress with Cole DeBoer, and we got to see some more of their pet pig Pete! Because only the awesomest people have pet pigs.


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