Farrah Abraham's Dad Is Writing a 'Teen Mom' Tell-All & We Can't Wait

No wonder Farrah Abraham is a master at the art of stretching out her 15 minutes of fame: The reality star/adult film star/author clearly learned how to stay in the spotlight from her dad, because Michael Abraham is working on a tell-all book about the Teen Mom crew -- including his daughter.


Yup. And why not? Nearly everyone else ever involved with Teen Mom has a book out, including many of the original cast members, and Farrah has multiple titles under her belt (including the memoir of sorts My Teenage Dream Ended and a trilogy of "erotic novels"). Heck, even Farrah's mom has published a book (called Vapor, about when a catfish on Match scammed her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars), so chances are Michael was just feeling left out. Like, "Hey, where's my book deal? See me over here, jumping up and down and waving my arms! I have words in my head, too!" I don't blame the guy. (Except I DO.)

Anyway. Whatever his reasons for writing the tell-all, he says "it’ll be a unique book regarding Teen Mom" including "a lot of info that has never been put out." Which makes sense, because, as Michael says, "I’m not under a nondisclosure like my daughter is."

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Huh, that doesn't sound like anybody's going to be exploited at all, right? Probably they are, though, because Michael also calls his upcoming book "an opportunity for people to face the music involving the past seasons."

Well. Get ready to issue some blanket denial statements, no-longer-teen moms. 'Cause it sounds like Michael's holding a grudge or two. The question remains, however: How much of this tell-all will focus on his own daughter? Well, Michael did say that the book will delve into "all the drama we had raising Sophia and watching her grow as a child," but he also said it will focus on Farrah's magical abilities to turn negative situations into positive ones. So we're thinking Farrah will emerge as the most sympathetic character in this fairy tale, most likely. 

Which won't bother the other girls at all, right? No matter what happens, let's just hope Michael Abraham stops after one book and doesn't follow his daughter down the erotic novel rabbit hole. Because nobody wants that. Nobody.


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