Samantha Bee Shows Off the Scary 'Assets' She Has Over Other Late-Night TV Hosts (VIDEO)

I'm not sure you've noticed, but late-night television is dominated by men. But starting January, one woman will stand alone in this crowded field: former Daily Show corespondent Samantha Bee in TBS's Full Frontal. For those who doubt a woman can pull off this job, she has two very big things to share.


I'm just going to step aside, first, and let you see this teaser. Then we can discuss Ms. Bee's qualifications.

Whoa! Who knew she had THOSE hiding under her skirt all this time! How does she even sit down? She doesn't. Because. She's got the most gargantuan balls in entertainment, that's why.

I may actually break down and get cable just to see this show. (And also buy a TV.) Truth be told, I'm afraid if I don't Samantha Bee with her huge balls will come after me for not watching her show. I don't think she's kidding around. If she got studio execs to cast her in a hosting gig, there's no telling what else she's capable of. Do you know how hard that is to do?

Late-night television is a total sausage fest! And I like sausage as much as the next lady, but come on. Enough is enough. We can't live on sausage alone.

Am I right? So hooray for Samantha Bee and her humungoid balls. She had to have them to be a corespondent interviewing total loons night after night on The Daily Show. And she'll need them to keep her late show. I don't know how she'll fit those balls behind a desk, but if anyone can figure that out, she can. 

P.S. Seriously, though. Isn't it weird that there have been so few female late-night TV hosts?


Image via Splash News

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