Corey Simms Isn't Backing Down From Accusing Leah Messer of Drug Abuse

If you caught the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, you already know the latest drama between Corey Simms and Leah Messer -- the drug thing. Corey is accusing Leah of abusing drugs, despite the fact that Leah isn't willing to admit it. And according to a clip from this week's episode, Corey is standing by his original accusation that Leah has a drug problem.


It basically went down like this: Leah told Corey she was going to rehab to deal with "emotional" stuff when really, it was clear the real reason was drugs. Obviously, this makes Corey hesitant to let her be around their kids -- something that will be tackled in this week's new ep.

In the clip, Leah's mom, Dawn, tries to see if he'll let her take Ali and Aleeah to visit Leah in rehab for Mother's Day, but Corey's not budging on that one ... especially since Dawn won't tell him where she's taking the girls. Yeah, that's sketch.

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"I didn't make this decision for her, neither did her children," Corey says. "She left on her own free will, and she knew she was leaving her children for a month. Now that I have them, I am their parent, and I have to make the decisions on my own for them."

Leah and Corey have both made mistakes in the past, but this time, Corey's right. 

Maybe not seeing her kids will give Leah the motivation she needs to get her life back in order? Something's gotta do it! 

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