Did Ashley Iaconetti Lose Her Virginity to Jared Haibon? -- Here's the Scoop

Monday night's edition of Bachelor in Paradise left Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon in a very interesting position: about to take on their first overnight date together. Obviously, the promo for next week's finale insinuated that Ashley's going to lose her virginity, but what's the real story? Apparently, Ashley doesn't lose her virginity on BIP after all.


According to insider info from TMZ, ABC's employing heavy editing and a few tricks from producers to make it look like Ashley decided to hand her V-card over to Jared, but in reality? Not happening. 

Reportedly, everything Ashley said about losing her virginity in the fantasy suite? That was all fed to her by producers for obvious reasons -- something that seems super plausible if you've watched any episodes of Lifetime's Bachelor-themed series, UnREAL. And supposedly, this whole virginity thing is something Ashley's planning to keep capitalizing on.

"Sources close to Ashley say she knows virginity is the thing that made her famous, so she'd never blow it on a one-night stand," says the site. 

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I don't know if I'd go that far, but it definitely sounds like sex won't be happening on the BIP finale -- at least, between Ashley and Jared, anyway. After Monday's episode aired, Ashley took to Twitter to clear up the misconceptions. 

Go, Ashley! Lose your virginity in your own time on your own terms. As cute as Jared is, she deserves someone who's into her 100 percent.


Image via ashley_iaconetti/Instagram 

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