'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Reportedly Gets Blindsided & Dumped on the Finale

Bachelor in paradiseEven though we can all agree that the show is kind of, well, a guilty pleasure, it has been sweet to see legit couples form on Bachelor in Paradise this season. And that's why we can't help but be totally dumbfounded and saddened over the news that Carly Waddell gets dumped by Kirk DeWindt on the finale -- and of course, she was completely blindsided.


Yes ... we said Carly and Kirk. As in Barbie and Ken. As in the cutest couple to ever come out of Bachelor in Paradise, who seemed ready to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after as soon as their overnight fantasy suite date ended.

Carly Waddell Kirk DeWindt

(But they're sooooo cute together!)

So ... what the hell happened?

According to an insider who talked to Us Weekly:

Carly said she thought she'd found her soul mate and was talking about having babies with him. But Kirk totally blindsided her and said he was far from being on the same page.

The source went on to add that Carly "ran away mid-conversation in tears," and says, "she just wanted to go home."

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Um, can we really blame her?!? Sure, Kirk seemed a little wishy-washy about the relationship at first, but after they spent the night together in Puerto Vallarta, he was pretty sold on the deal (in more ways than one.)

Based on the finale previews, it was obvious that someone from the cast was going to wind up with a broken heart. But Carly?!? Really?!? If we had to guess, we would've assumed things went south between Mikey and Juelia, or possibly Tenley and Joshua. Both of those relationships aren't quite as rock solid as Carly and Kirk's seemingly was, so to say this news is a shocker is the understatement of the year.

Sigh. Poor Carly. Maybe there's still hope, and Kirk wound up having a change of heart and realized he was a fool for letting someone as awesome as Carly get away? One can hope.

But if he did turn out to be just another jerk in paradise, one thing's for sure -- guys are going to be waiting in line to scoop Carly up and sweep her off her feet. She's a total catch, and it's just a shame that Kirk didn't realize it.


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