15 TV Weddings Featuring Favorite Characters We Couldn't Wait to See Marry (PHOTOS)

Michele Marin | Sep 3, 2015 TV

When wedding bells ring for beloved characters in our favorite TV shows, we can't contain our enthusiasm. Kayla and Patch, Joanie and Chachi, Bo and Hope — there's no denying that some of the best TV weddings were between fictional characters that we fell in love with!

The designer gowns, romantic kisses, and tear-jerking vows had us glued to the tube. Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the most unforgettable weddings in TV history.


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  • Donna & David on 'Beverly Hills, 90210'


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    He may have been a geeky teen, but Donna Martin found David endearing. The two stayed together throughout high school and some of college, but life got in the way and they both began dating other people. 90210 fans couldn't have been happier to see the pair make their way back to one another in the wedding we all were waiting for!

  • Dwight & Angela on 'The Office'


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    Marking the very last episode of The Office, Michael Scott returned for the wedding of Angela & Dwight. In true Dwight fashion, he chose a Motley Crew song for the couple's first dance, and fans said goodbye to the Dundler Mifflin crew after nine years.

  • Jim & Pam on 'The Office'


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    Much to the delight of The Office fans, all 9.2 million of them, Jim and Pam finally marry. Their quirky and heartfelt wedding was much in line with the couple's personality. When Jim unintentionally announced Pam's pregnancy at the wedding, the day took a turn for the worst. The couple proceeded to sneak off and get married on 'The Maid of the Mist' boat tour in Niagara Falls.

  • Luke & Laura on 'General Hospital'


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    Ahhh, the wedding of Luke and Laura. Watched by over 30 milion people, the wedding between one of soaps' most loved couples was a must-see. Even if you were a child in 1981 when the episode aired, you no doubt remember your mom watching. Fans anxiously awaited all summer for the pair to wed in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony in Port Charles. But not everyone was thrilled; the evil Helena Cassadine (played by Elizabeth Taylor) cast a spell on the lovebirds, cursing their future together.

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  • Monica & Chandler on 'Friends'


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    In perfect Friends fashion, Monica and Chandler's 2001 weddding had it all, laughter, tears, and mix-ups. While the marriage wasn't in the original plans for the producers, we sure are glad the two made it to the altar.

  • Patch & Kayla on 'Days of Our Lives'


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    Before they finally made it to the altar, these two had to overcome some obstacles. There was the issue of Kayla marrying Patches' brother, Kayla getting poisoned, and Kayla getting attacked by the "Riverfront Knifer." We're just glad Kayla stayed alive long enough to tie the knot!

  • Turk & Carla on 'Scrubs'


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    When Turk performs an operation that runs longer than anticipated then shows up to the wrong church, we're left to wonder if he and Carla will ever get hitched! Luckily for the couple, when they make a stop at the hospital to check on Turk's patient, they find out that he's a priest. He marries the two on the spot before they head off to their honeymoon.

  • Mike & Carol Brady on 'The Brady Bunch'


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    Who could forget the 1960s-ish wedding between single parents with three kids in each, Mike and Carol Brady? After all, that's how they became the Brady Bunch!

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  • Leslie & Ben on 'Parks & Recreation'


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    Why wait? When Ben and Leslie decide that everyone in Pawnee was already present at a gala, they decided to hold the wedding right then and there. While Parks and Recreation fans were not quite sure marriage was in the cards for the driven and liberated Leslie, we're glad she decided she could have it all.

  • Zach & Kelly on 'Saved By The Bell'


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    Without support from their parents, what's a couple in love to do? Marry in Vegas of course! That's exactly where Kelly and Zach head to tie the knot. The wedding doesn't get off without a hitch though. Zach takes a turn at being a male entertainer for money, Kelly getts jealous, and the gang offsets a diamond heist. No worries though, the wedding of Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski was 'saved by the bell.'

  • Bo & Hope on 'Days of Our Lives'


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    One of daytime's most iconic couples, Bo and Hope survived plenty of daytime TV tragedies, including Hope's identity crisis, where she was brainwashed to think she was a princess. (Aren't we all?) Days of Our Lives fans finally witnessed their happily ever after when Bo eventually married his "fancy face" in England.

  • Cory & Topanga on 'Boy Meets World'


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    These two cuties were childhood sweethearts in the 1990 show, Boy Meets World, so we couldn't have been happier when Cory and Topanga said, "I do." After all, we watched them grow up from the first time they met on the monkey bars. These days Cory and Topanga navigate through those crazy tween years with their daughter, Riley, on Girl Meets World. 

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  • Izzie & Alex on 'Grey's Anatomy'


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    Grey's Anatomy fans most certainly needed a box of tissues for Izzie and Alex's wedding. In the show's 100th episode, Izzie has planned her ideal wedding for Meredith and Derek. Yet, in an unlikely twist of events during the wedding day, cancer-stricken Izzie takes a turn for the worst, and Derek and Meredith hand over their wedding to Izzie and Alex.

  • Becky & Jessie on 'Full House'


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    Jessie's need for one last adventure almost cost him his marriage. Deciding he wanted to go skydiving, things didn't quite go as planned when he got stuck in a tree. But Becky saved the day by rescuing her man, and the viewers were treated to Jessie's beautiful rendition of "Forever" by the Beach Boys.

  • Joanie & Chachi in 'Happy Days'


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    The year 1984 marked the final episode for Happy Days, and what better way to end a series than with a wedding? The audience was treated to a clip show of past events through the years, culminating int he wedding of Joanie and Chachi. Fans followed the couple in the spinoff of Happy Days called Joanie Loves Chachi.

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