Chelsea Houska's Daughter Aubree Wants to Call Cole DeBoer 'Dad' (VIDEO)

chelsea houska aubree call cole dadLittle kids have a sense of who's really there for them and who isn't. So it's no surprise that Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree, wants to call Cole DeBoer "Dad" after her father, Adam Lind, nearly forgot to attend her preschool graduation. 


Chels explained to friends that she had to text her ex to remind him of the graduation. She'd already told him via text once, so it was pretty generous of her to send her another message. Clearly, this mom has her little girl's best interest at heart and wouldn't want her to be brokenhearted if her father wasn't there! But, that said, it seems the 5-year-old has already figured out who shows up for her. Chel revealed that once Cole moves in, Aubree wants to call him "Dad." 

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We can't imagine that this news will sit well with Lind, who has already tried to change their custody agreement to spend more time with his daughter. So far, the judge has denied the bad boy's request after Chelsea pointed out a string of arrests and poor choices.

We can't blame Adam if he's upset by this news, but maybe being a bit more of a positive role model would reinforce his daughter's opinion of him. 

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. We just hope it doesn't bring any more drama into Chelsea's happy home! 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram
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