Jenelle Evans's Incredible Body Transformation: From Fit to Seriously Ripped

Lauren Brown | Sep 7, 2015 TV

Jenelle EvansIt's been a rough summer for Jenelle Evans -- she officially broke up with Nathan Griffith and she went to jail for the 13th time. Yikes! But, through it all, Jenelle looks ah-mazing. She's been watching her nutrition and what kind of fuel she's putting into her body, and she's also been hitting the gym like a total boss. Who says jail isn't good for the soul -- and body? Well, maybe we shouldn't go that far...

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And man -- does Jenelle's hard work show! Sure, it has been a year of hardship as far as her personal life goes, but it's hard to deny that Jenelle has never looked stronger or fitter. Her abs are basically a work of art. Oh, and how about those guns? Watch out, dudes -- because Jenelle can totally hold her own with those arm muscles. We also can't fail to talk about her hot bod without mentioning her legs. How many leg presses and squats did she have to do to acheive those perfect thighs? We're sweating just thinking about it. Check out her amazing body transformation over the past few months. If she doesn't inspire us to get in shape, no one will!

Take a look at these amazing pictures of Jenelle Evans's amazing body transformation -- it's truly something to behold.

Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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