Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth Would Like a Reality Show All to Themselves, Please

It's no big secret that Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants love the cameras, and the cameras (or at least the cameras belonging to ABC) love them. But these Bachelorette winners' latest spotlight-searching idea is taking it too far -- apparently, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth want a reality show all about their marriage. Yep, that's the marriage that hasn't even happened yet.


Of course, this isn't confirmed yet or really sanctioned in any way, but even as a rumor it's so easy to believe. Shawn and Kaitlyn have taken every post-Bachelorette appearance they can get, and they spend their off days promoting themselves on social media. 

Which is fine. I mean, they have to make money somehow, right? I just really can't imagine a world in which a reality show about the two of them ISN'T terrible. 

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There's really no way that a show about them could avoid being a disaster ... a disaster that I'm positive millions of people would watch weekly. Which means ... the producers are probably actually considering making this show happen? Oh, God. Please no.

What would we even be watching? Shawn getting out of bed early to put coffee on? Kaitlyn running out of shampoo in the middle of her shower?

Something like that. According to the source, Shawn and Kaitlyn are thinking this show would focus around their wedding planning and "the drama that ensues." I don't know, banking on wedding-related drama seems on par with rain on the wedding day in terms of bad luck. How could that possibly be healthy for their relationship?

Maybe, just maybe, this is all a massive practical joke, and Kaitlyn and Shawn will fade in to ex–reality star semi-obscurity like the rest of the successful Bachelor/Bachelorette couples. But they don't really seem like the type, do they?


Image via kaitynbristowe/Instagram

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