Mackenzie Douthit Hints That Josh Cheated on Her -- Say It Isn't So!

Oh no! Is it possible that Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee are finally calling it quits? Kenz has never been shy to complain about her hubs on social media in the past (apparently he snores), but this time it seems like Mackenzie is actually accusing Josh of cheating on her.


The Teen Mom 3 star posted a series of tweets over the weekend that had us scratching our head, because it looked like she was lamenting her hubby's cheating ways.

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Take, for example, this one, in which she hates men.

Which could be about anything, right? Except, she worries about where to go from here?

And then the worst storm she's ever been through? She got pregnant at 16 ... that had to be a hard time for her. What could be a worse thing to go through?

But this has to be the kicker, right?? 

A day after Mackenzie posted those tweets, she added this one about telling the truth, and how much covering it up could hurt people in the long run:

It's hard to tell if Mackenzie was talking about her own marriage in these tweets, but whomever she was addressing them to -- we wish for the best.


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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