13 Times the Dads of 'Teen Mom' Made a Major Parenting 'Oops' (PHOTOS)

Lauren Brown | Sep 3, 2015 TV

Nathan GriffithThe dads of the Teen Mom franchises are an interesting bunch. They all clearly love their little ones so much and try their best -- but sometimes they leave us scratching our heads with their poor choices and hurtful comments.

Here are 13 times these guys really screwed things up in front of their kids and for their kids ...


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  • Jo Rivera -- No Money, Lots of Problems


    There's been a lot of drama ever since Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera had their son Isaac -- and decided they couldn't make it work as a couple. But the biggest issue they have battled over is custody and child support. And it wasn't cool when Jo revealed he basically had no expenses other than his car payment, but still didn't want to pay $470 a month towards Isaac's well being.

  • Tyler Baltierra -- Social Media Mix Up


    It's been well documented that Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have a great relationship with Brandon and Teresa, the adoptive parents of their first daughter Carly. But Tyler really overstepped his bounds by posting videos and pictures of Carly on social media, knowing that was a major no-no and having his first bout of tension with Brandon and Teresa.

  • Gary Shirley -- Slip of the Tongue


    So we all know that Gary Shirley really stepped up to the plate when Amber Portwood went to jail and he assumed full custody of their daughter Leah. But when Gary found out he was expecting a baby with girlfriend Kristina Anderson, he probably should have rehearsed how he was going to tell Leah she was going to be a big sister. Telling a 5-year-old that the new baby was an "accident" is a lot to process -- even for a child as precocious as Leah!

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  • Adam Lind -- Motor Crossing No More


    Okay, so not only did Adam Lind take Aubree on a dangerous dirt bike WITHOUT a helmet and while his license was suspended -- but she also came home with a scraped knee and bad burn on her ankle! All Adam could say to Chelsea was "calm down." Is he serious? Calm down?

  • Ryan Edwards -- Kindergarten Cop-Out


    In one of the most heartbreaking revelations Maci Bookout has ever made, she revealed that Ryan Edwards missed Bentley's first day of kindergarten! Not only that, but he had no idea where the school was located, the name of Bentley's teacher, or what school supplies were needed. In a nutshell, Ryan just did not care at all.

  • Nathan Griffith -- Mean Lean Machine


    The fighting between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith is so out of control that it's no wonder that Jenelle's mom Barbara still has custody of Jace. And Nathan is a big part to blame. Jace even revealed to his grandma that he does not like Nathan -- because he's "mean." And you have to look at that from a big-picture perspective: Nathan is mostly mean to Jenelle -- in FRONT OF JACE!

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  • Adam Lind -- Disconnected


    Adam refused to give Chelsea his new cell phone number, and couldn't care less that it meant that Chelsea had no way of getting in touch when Adam was watching Aubree. And Adam had nerve to try and make Chelsea feel like she was overreacting.

  • Ryan Edwards -- Disappearing Act


    Ryan Edwards just can't get his act together when it comes to co-parenting his son Bentley with ex-girlfriend Maci Bookout. Maci drops off Bentley and picks him up with Ryan's parents, and Ryan is rarely around. Bentley feels the absence, saying often that his dad is "always late."

  • Corey Simms -- Deeply in Denial


    It hasn't been an easy road for Leah Messer and Corey Simms ever since they got the diagnosis that their daughter Ali has muscular dystrophy. It was very hard for Corey to accept that diagnosis, and even harder when he learned it meant that Ali needed a wheelchair. He didn't want her using one! And, it was on Corey to put more pressure on his insurance company to get the approval for the power wheelchair, but he really put it off. It finally came through, but Ali had to borrow one from her physical therapist while she waited!

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  • Adam Lind -- Father's Day No Show


    It goes without saying that Adam Lind may win the title for "worst dad ever," as he has quite a lengthy list of infractions. A truly upsetting one was when he completely missed Father's Day in 2012. According to Chelsea Houska, he didn't even ask about Aubree or request having her that day! Ugh!

  • Jeremy Calvert -- In Too Deep


    Jeremy Calvert is very quiet and mild mannered -- except when he's fighting with his ex-wife Leah Messer. Their screaming matches have gotten so out of control that the twins even told Corey that they have to hide in the laundry room. Especially since Jeremy is away so much for work, this isn't the greatest way to get in some QT during his limited time home.

  • Gary Shirley -- Idle Threats


    We know that Gary really stepped up to be there for his daughter Leah when Amber Portwood was headed to jail. But it wasn't cool that Gary threatened Amber with never seeing Leah again -- while holding Leah is in his arms. She might have been a lot younger then, but that is not the type of drama any child needs to be in the midst of!

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  • Adam Lind -- Deadbeat Dad


    We can't forget that Aubree isn't Adam's only child whom he neglects! He also has a daughter named Paislee with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur, and was arrested for neglecting to pay child support. Had he not paid up, he might still be behind bars.

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