Corey Simms Refuses to Let Leah Messer See Her Kids -- It's Heartbreaking (VIDEO)

Break our hearts already! In a sneak peek for next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer has left for rehab for emotional issues, and she happens to be gone over Mother's Day. When her mom asks Corey Simms if she can take the twins to see her, he refuses to let the girls visit her.


It seems like a monstrous thing to do, but the saddest part is that he himself was put in a tough spot over the whole situation. First off, he was pretty much ambushed about it during a kid transfer, and second, they won't even tell her where Leah is staying.

I mean, for all he knew at that point, she could've been out of the country! There are plenty of rehab centers in places like Mexico, where it can be incredibly dangerous to travel, especially with young children.

I get it. It's not fair at all that Leah doesn't get to see Aleeah and Ali on Mother's Day, but Corey is their dad, and he is responsible for them when they're in his custody. As he points out, he can't in good consciousness let his daughters travel somewhere where he won't know there whereabouts.

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It's crappy. But it's life. Hopefully Leah got the help she needed in therapy -- we can only image how happy the girls were to see their mama when she got out.


Image via Teen Mom 2/Instagram

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