Leah Messer Finally Comes Clean About Her Drug Problem

Way to make us cry, producers of Teen Mom 2! On tonight's all-new episode, Leah Messer said good-bye to her daughters before entering a treatment center for depression, but it wasn't before confronting a good amount of drama with her ex, Corey Simms. Plus, she finally opened up about her drug use, and it wasn't exactly what we were expecting.


But first, let's check in with Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry, for whom things actually seem to be going pretty well.

Following Chelsea's court custody battle over Aubree with Adam Lind last week, things seem to be settling back to normal for her. Things are staying the same for now, and she doesn't have to worry about a reevaluation for another six months. She and Cole are discussing moving in when his lease is up in a few months, and they decide to adopt a baby pig together!

Yup, a baby pig. Chels and Cole pick up the adorable swine at the airport, name him Pete, and introduce Aubree to him. I'll admit it -- I sort of want to adopt a pig now too. Pete is so cute, and Chels makes it look so easy with her pet-whispering ways.

Over in Kailyn Lowry's world, things are finally better between her and her hubs, Javi Marroquin. It was touch and go there for awhile, but they seem to be getting better than ever now.

The only stress in Kail's life at the moment is Isaac's dad, Jo Rivera, moving into her development. He's been living three hours away with his pregnant live-in girlfriend Vee Torres, but the couple ended up moving just a few blocks away. Ultimately, Kail realized that having her son's dad nearby could end up being really good for the family as a whole.

Of course, then there was Jenelle Evans. Last week, her fiancé and baby daddy Nathan Griffith was arrested for domestic assault, after he allegedly pinned her to the toilet and pried her engagement ring off her finger. Jenelle decided not to press charges, but the state is pressing them anyway.

Regardless, she really wants to make things work with Nate, even though he tells her that she should date other people, to see if she could find happiness without him. Plus her mom Barbara Evans lays on the pressure to kiss Nathan's butt good-bye too.

The saddest part about all of this, in my opinion, is when Jenelle describes what Nathan did to her, and proclaims, "No abuse happened." Sorry, Jenelle, but pinning another person down and violently forcing their engagement ring off their finger is abuse, plain and simple.

We know that Jenelle and Nathan eventually break up, but it's sad to see how hard she tried, and how many excuses she made for him.

And then there was Leah, whose story line was by far the most emotional of the night. In the wake of her divorce from Jeremy Calvert, she decided that she needed to enter a treatment facility. Rumors have been flying for a long time that she had a problem with prescription painkillers, and her ex-husband Corey Simms even had the court make her take a drug test earlier this season to prove that she was clean.

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After Leah met with Corey and his current wife Miranda to ask them to take care of their shared twins Ali and Aleeah Grace for a few weeks while she went to a center to get some intense emotional therapy, Leah got real with her mom about her drug use. 

Her mom said that she was afraid for Leah to go to a facility, because it would end up being all about drugs. That's when Leah said that after being on morphine for a spinal tap with her third daughter Addie, she used the painkillers Hydrocodone, Percocet, and Tylenol 3. She admitted to relying on them to be able to get over her back pain, and get out of bed so she could take care of her three daughters. 

She also admitted that she felt like it was beginning to be a problem at a certain point, so she stopped taking them at all.

As her marriage with Jeremy fell apart, combined with all the other challenges she's been facing in life, it's no wonder Leah felt like she had to get away and learn how to manage her new life better.

She signed her divorce papers with Jeremy on the way to the airport, and her daughters cried and said they'd miss her so much ... we just hope that Leah got the help she needed.


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