Ashley Madison Is About to Tempt More People -- In the Form of a TV Show

In a similar way that the Ashley Madison hackers crushed marriages across the country, a couple of TV producers are crushing all hope we had left for the good in the world by creating a TV show based on the website Ashley Madison. As if that name hasn't ruined enough lives?


Everything about this show (tentatively titled Thank You Ashley Madison) sounds bad -- first, it's already in the works by two producers from OutEast Entertainment. It's been, like, a week, guys. The smoke has not yet cleared from the fiery remnants of all the lives AM destroyed, and you're already capitalizing on the sheer number of people involved in this.

That's another thing -- this website destroyed lives. Literally. Murdered. People. Isn't it a little soon to be fictionalizing it??

Also, the show will reportedly be focusing on the female perspective of this, which sounds great, until you hear the details. It will be focusing on one female perspective -- that of a fictional mother who "launches the business to help support her family."

Does this not sound familiar? Is this or is this not the exact premise of Weeds, just with a different vice?

Where is your CREATIVITY, people?

Also, I feel like we need to mention how few women actually used Ashley Madison -- it was originally only 5 million (compare that to the 31 million men who used it), and now reports are saying that at least 9,000 of those female accounts were actually bots the whole time. So unless we're ready to start assigning genders to computers, it's fair to say that a fraction of AM accounts belonged to women.

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One of the producers, Courtney Hazlett, tried to explain why they're focusing on the cheating thing:

What if you didn't need a hack to have this conversation? Maybe this is where your life just is, and no shows on television are offering that.

Okay, yes. No shows are offering that. But that's because they're smart, and they know that when we watch TV, we don't want to watch our lives. We want to watch other, hotter people make ridiculous mistakes that don't resonate with us so we can take a break from reflecting on our own lives for 30 minutes every week. Is that too much to ask??

Hazlett also explained why the show is moving so quickly:

Anytime 30 million people are doing anything, it becomes worthy of a real discussion.

Uh, no. Here are a few things 30 million people are doing every day that no one is making a TV show about:

  1. Using Post-It notes
  2. Failing to update their apps in a timely manner
  3. Accidentally putting their cars in reverse when they mean to put it in drive
  4. Petting dogs

You can have the cheating discussion, but network TV is not the place to do it. Or you should at least wait until this has blown over. Or change the name on your show to Samantha Danielle so we all know what you're talking about without your actually having to talk about it. Really, anything but a show called Thank You Ashley Madison. Anything.


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