Leah Messer May Be Going Through Yet Another Breakup

Leah MesserHold the phone! Looks like one Teen Mom 2 star is still very much single! Contrary to what rumors have indicated, it seems Leah Messer isn't living with -- or even dating -- T.R. Dues.


The personal trainer told Teen Mom Junkies that he and the mom of three are "just friends" who hang out and get their kids together for playdates.

Hmm. That's not what were hearing a while ago when it sounded like the "couple" and collective five kids were all sharing a home. 

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It seems like the harried young mom has struggled at times to care for her own girls, so adding two stepkids to the mix (Dues is dad to two boys, Tyshawn, 8, and Angelo, 4) probably isn't a smart choice for any of them! 

We know Leah's been pretty stressed lately as both her exes have questioned her parenting skills and said they might push to change their custody arrangements. Maybe Dues is trying to protect Leah from those who question why she's jumped into yet another serious relationship so quickly. 

Or, who knows, maybe Dues is moving in a different direction and wants to distance himself from the reality star. If the news is true, we just hope Leah's alright and this doesn't bring any additional heartache to the 23-year-old. 


Image via MTV

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