JJ Lane Left 'Bachelor in Paradise' for True Love but His Plan Backfired Miserably

It's been a tough few days for JJ Lane -- this week on Bachelor in Paradise, we watched as he dumped the show for a girl back home. It was, yes, a bit weird, but the heroic backing music did its job and we were filled with emotion as we watched our baby go. Would he get the girl and a happily ever after? We thought it was a sure shot, but JJ is saying now that he's still single -- as in, the girl he left the show for wasn't as excited about his homecoming as he was.


That's awkward. 

JJ actually owned up to it pretty quickly -- he responded to fans' questions on Twitter:

Poor JJ! Struck out swinging seems like the right way to put it.

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I feel like we've gotta keep hope for him, though -- I mean, he did such a great job of making us not hate him anymore during Bachelor in Paradise. What a hero.

At least he doesn't seem to be taking this rejection too badly ... wait, do you think this means he could be coming back to Paradise? At this point, I almost wouldn't be surprised.


Image via jjhlane/Instagram

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