Jade Roper May Have Spoiled 'Bachelor in Paradise' Ending Without Realizing It

In the midst of all the drama (and a fair amount of backstabbing) on Bachelor in Paradise this season, one of the only stable couples is Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert. I'm dying to find out if their relationship managed to make it past the end of filming, but we might not have to wait 'til the finale for the answer. Apparently, Jade may have spoiled BIP with a Periscope video recently. Uh-oh. 


According to E! Online, Jade did a live Periscope broadcast and accidentally revealed that she's in Kansas City ... a.k.a. Tanner's hometown. Yes, she essentially pulled a Kaitlyn Bristowe, but at least Jade's social media slipup wasn't as bad as the Snapchat incident. 

I can't imagine Jade would be hanging out in KC for any reason other than to be with Tanner, so from this clue alone, it's pretty safe to say that Jade and Tanner are still a thing, and if they're not, they're at least BFFs. Jade lives in Nashville now, which isn't exactly a hop, a skip, and a jump from Missouri.

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And this is just more evidence that Reality Steve, spoiler king of all things Bachelor Nation, has been totally right about his predictions from the beginning. It seems like Jade and Tanner are definitely this season's Marcus and Lacy. 

I'm good with watching their wedding on next year's season premiere. They might be boring on TV, but they're so sweet together. And after both of them have had their hearts broken by Kaitlyn and Chris Soules, they deserve their happy ending. 


Image via jadelizroper/Instagram

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