15 Times the Dads of 'Teen Mom' Were Parenting Rock Stars (PHOTOS)

Lauren Brown | Sep 1, 2015 TV
15 Times the Dads of 'Teen Mom' Were Parenting Rock Stars (PHOTOS)

Tyler BaltierraYou gottta give credit where credit is due! Sometimes the dads on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 can be really infuriating and don't always step up to their parental responsibilities.

But other times, they're so sweet and loving with their kids -- and stepkids too -- that it's worth giving them some well-deserved props. Here are 15 times the dads on the shows had total parenting wins. We couldn't be more proud of them!


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  • Tyler Baltierra & Nova


    Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

    Let's be honest, ever since Tyler Baltierra and his new wife Catelynn Lowell welcomed their daughter Novalee into the world this past January, everything he does is a big fat win. He is so in love with his daughter -- and clearly feels so blessed that he has a second chance to be a dad after giving up first daughter Carly to adoption. Tyler writes the sweetest messages to Nova on all the photos he posts of her on Instagram. This is one of our favorites:

    The best feeling in the world is when your daughter falls asleep on your chest & your breathing becomes synchronized, listening to every little breath whistle with yours, and feeling the air she inhales raise your hand up & down on her little back. I am head over heels for this little girl & I couldn't be luckier to be her Father. I love you.

  • Gary Shirley & Leah


    Image via itsgarytime/Twitter

    We all know how very much Gary Shirley had to step up after Amber Portwood, his ex-girlfriend and mother of daughter Leah, went to jail. Gary assumed full custody -- something he still has even with Amber out of jail and living a successful life -- and really made sure Leah was taken care of by going to school and having a solid routine and stable home life. But it melts our hearts to see that Gary also knows how to have fun with his little girl in the midst of a lot of craziness -- like when he took Leah for father/daughter pedicures! Takes a real man and a great dad to make a fun memory like that!

  • Ryan Edwards & Bentley


    Image via rcedwards85/Instagram

    Okay, so Ryan Edwards is not exactly Father of the Year, but when he puts in a little effort, the moments he shares with Bentley are pretty sweet. Ryan is known for his love of dirt bike riding, and he even took Bentley out on his very own mini-bike and show him the ropes!

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  • Jo Rivera & Isaac


    Image via Nerdin_aCoolKid/Twitter

    Jo has had his ups and downs co-parenting his son Isaac with ex-girlfriend Kailyn Lowry. But he ultimately wants the best for Isaac and tries his hardest. For starters, he's moving his life three hours away so he can be closer to Isaac. That's a big sacrifice. And then there are sweet moments like Jo bringing Isaac with him into the recording studio to do his own rap rendition of the ABCs.

  • Adam Lind & Aubree


    Image via MTV

    So, it's a stretch to find a moment for Adam Lind where he's being a good dad to daughters Aubree and Paislee because, well, he's just not a good dad. Even when he's taking his exes to court to get more custody of his daughters you really don't feel for him. But Adam took the time to do a professional daddy/daughter photo shoot and it absolutely melted our hearts -- and Aubree's too!

  • Nathan Griffith & Jace


    Image via j_evans8209/ Instagram

    We all know that ever since Nathan Griffith got together with Jenelle Evans, he has been in some hot water with the law. And while Nathan and Jenelle are explosive as a couple -- you really have to admire the way Nathan has taken Jenelle's son Jace under his wing and really encouraged Jenelle to get back full custody so they could all be a family. Too bad Nathan and Jenelle have since broken up, but he did try!

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  • Javi Marroquin, Isaac & Lincoln


    Image via javim9/Instagram

    There's been an instant bond between Kailyn Lowry's son Isaac and her husband Javi Marroquin since their very first meeting. Javi and Isaac get along so well that Isaac even calls him "Daddy." And it's beautiful to see how when Javi had a biological son -- Lincoln -- with Kailyn, it didn't affect his relationship with Isaac at all. In fact, Javi even tattooed both their names on his arm for Valentine's Day 2014.

  • Corey Simms & Ali and Aleeah


    Image via CoreySimms2/Twitter

    Here's what you have to love about Corey Simms -- he may be quiet and have an "aw shucks" type of demeanor, but he loves being a dad to twins Ali and Aleeah. So much so, that he's dressed them as princesses and taken them to see Disney on Ice, tagged along to their pageants and cheerleading competitions, and made sure they stayed with him and his wife Miranda when his ex Leah Messer went to rehab.

  • Tyler Baltierra & Carly


    Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

    It was the hardest and most heartbreaking thing in the world for Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell to place their firstborn daughter Carly for adoption. But Tyler has always been a loving and protective father from afar, as is seen by the way he posts about her proudly on social media and takes great pride in receiving pictures and updates about her from her adoptive parents Brandon and Theresa.

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  • Gary Shirley a& Emilee


    Image via ItsGaryTime/Twitter

    Gary Shirley may have come across as resistant to becoming a dad again when his girlfriend Kristina Anderson announced that she was pregnant. But now that his new little girl Emilee Grace is here, Gary couldn't be more in love. He calls her his "lil boogie" when posting pictures of her on Twitter, and has even put things on hold like taking a shower because he can't stop staring at her. So sweet!

  • Nathan Griffith & Kaiser


    Image via PB_andJenelley/Twitter

    Despite all their ups and downs as a couple, even Jenelle can't deny that Nathan is a great dad to their one-year-old son Kaiser. And Nathan always puts Kaiser first, even when he can't stand to be in the same room as Jenelle. Case in point, Jenelle and Nathan were barely speaking during Father's Day and Kaiser's first birthday celebrations and no one would have known the difference!

  • Taylor McKinney & Bentley


    Image via macideshanebookout/Instagram

    Maci Bookout's boyfriend Taylor McKinney has his hands full as a new dad to baby Jayde and stepdad to Maci's son Bentley. But Taylor has really made an effort to bond with Bentley, and even is the assistant coach on his little league team!

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  • Jeremy Calvert & Adalynn


    Image via Calvert505/Twitter

    Jeremy Calvert has his hands full between working long hours very far away and dealing with his crumbling marriage, and now divorce from Leah Messer. But as dad to daughter Adalynn, he could not be more proud, as seen here in this sweet moment where they fell asleep together during some much-needed quality time!

  • Cole DeBoer & Aubree


    Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

    While Chelsea Houska isn't married to boyfriend Cole DeBoer (yet), he did recently move in with her much to the delight of her daughter Aubree. So while he isn't technically her stepdad (yet), he is filling the role quite nicely -- attending major milestones like her nursery school graduation!

  • Javi Marroquin & Lincoln


    Image via javim9/Instagram

    Javi Marroquin and Lincoln bond in the CUTEST ways -- like taking him along to watch his beloved Philadelphia Eagles at training camp! So what little Lincoln is sleeping -- it's still so adorable!

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