Who Has Custody of Kaiser Following Jenelle Evans's Recent Arrest?

If you think it's hard to keep up with Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's relationship status, imagine how it must feel to be their kid! The on-again, off-again couple is currently on the outs, which makes us wonder -- who has custody of Kaiser Griffith, their shared 1-year-old?


Especially considering Jenelle's latest arrest, for assault and battery against Nate's new girlfriend Jessica Henry. The Teen Mom 2 star allegedly threw a glass at the new girl's head, when she and Nathan came to Jenelle's home to pick up his things. Jenelle had specifically asked that Henry not accompany Kai's daddy when he came to collect his personal belongings.

Jenelle was released from jail on August 2, and it appears that she still has sole custody of Kai. She told RadarOnline, "Nathan hasn't seen Kai in a week ... In the state of South Carolina, if no custody is in place, then I have full rights."

Ugh, even though Jenelle seems to have moved on, and even moved into new digs, this whole thing has to be incredibly painful for her. As screwed up as her relationship with Nathan was (more often than not), it's obvious that she loved him, and really thought that they'd make it.

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Unfortunately, it looks like Nate just can't stop his philandering ways, as evidenced by his showing up at Jenelle's house with his new girlfriend. Not that Jenelle should have thrown a glass at her, but why would Nate even go there in the first place? He knows Jenelle has an impetuous temper.

The two were ordered by a judge earlier this year to attend co-parenting classes in order to raise their son. Hopefully they can come to some sort of agreement that will benefit Kai the most. 



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