Miranda Simms Lashes Out at Leah Messer's Fans on Twitter

Just when you think they have everything as settled as possible, Leah Messer and Miranda Simms are at it again on social media, passive-aggressively calling each other out like nobody's business. The most recent spat involves Miranda saying something about Leah's fans on Twitter, and dang -- she totally called the haters out.


This season of Teen Mom 2 has just been a little bit dramatic, to say the least. All of the moms have been involved in custody battles, and no one more than Leah Messer, who has been going through a divorce with Jeremy Calvert, in addition to a custody battle with her twins' dad Corey Simms and his current wife Miranda.

Corey has been on Leah's case to take better care of their shared 5-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah, after she has failed to get them to school on time and in bed at a reasonable hour, or even take care of herself.

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Fans of the show know that Leah checked herself into a rehabilitation center after these episodes aired, in order to deal with her stress and anxiety. Of course after she did that, many fans began lashing out at Corey and Miranda for wanting more custody of the twins.

Who knows what's really going on over there, but Miranda did have something to say on Twitter that spoke volumes.

Miranda does have a point -- no matter how you look at the situation. There's no doubt that MTV has edited the footage to get the best ratings possible, and while this family does have their issues, we can't really know what's going on behind the camera.

For the sake of all the kids involved, we hope that Leah and Corey are able to come to an amicable arrangement regarding their children.


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