Andi Dorfman Is Totally Crushing on Ben Higgins -- Will She Return to 'The Bachelor'?

Andi DorfmanIn what had to be about the worst-kept secret in reality TV history, the announcement was made last night that Ben Higgins is ABC's next Bachelor, and it's pretty obvious that exactly everyone is excited about seeing him in the driver's seat. And based on a not-so-subtle tweet that she shared after the news broke, it would appear that Andi Dorfman is interested in Ben, and she's barely trying to hide it.


Um, are you really buying her "I'm asking for a friend" excuse here?

Yeah. Me neither.

And honestly, we probably shouldn't be all that surprised that Andi went ahead and put it out there that she's itching to pull a Nick Viall and possibly return to The Bachelor.

Back when Kaitlyn Bristowe's season first started, it was obvious that Andi had a thing for one of the Bens, and now we can probably go ahead and assume she was referring to Ben H. as opposed to Ben Z.

And while some would argue that Andi should probably give the whole finding-love-on-TV thing a rest, being that she competed on The Bachelor and had her turn as The Bachelorette, would it really be all that shocking if ABC gave her a spot on Ben's season in an effort to drive up ratings and stir up controversy?

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OMG. Nothing spells drama like a former Bachelorette walking into a house full of 25 "new" women who are vying for a shot at marrying a dude who might be the most loved man in Bachelor history, so it would certainly be a smart move on their part to give Andi a second, I mean third, chance.

But as for whether or not she really has a shot with our new leading man? Hmm. Based on comments Ben made about what he wants in a wife, including the fact that his physical type is someone who looks like Blake Lively, odds aren't good that the two of them would wind up being a match made in heaven.

Of course, if Ben and Andi aren't even given the chance to explore a possible love connection, how will we ever know if someone can actually return from a previous season and live happily ever after?

C'mon, ABC -- go ahead and give Andi a shot. You've got nothing to lose.


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