New 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Has Some Pretty High Standards for What He's Looking for in a Wife

He's going to be the loveliest, most adorable Bachelor of all time, and Ben Higgins revealed what he's looking for in a woman and which celebrity crush he wouldn't mind dating (hint: she's blond, but not available).


Higgins, 26, revealed to People that he may be young, but he's ready to find the woman of his dreams and settle down with her. "I'm ready to share my life with somebody," Higgins reportedly said. "And I'm not fearful of the idea of getting married. As soon as I can find that person, it seems like the better life will be."

Ben also said he's searching for a "partner and best friend" and that it's important to him to find a woman who can get along with the other ladies in the house -- no drama queens need apply.

One of the software salesman's defining qualities is his sincerity and sweetness, which charmed Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe into keeping him on the show up until nearly the very last rose ceremony. Ben admits he was starting to fall in love with Kaitlyn, but his pragmatic view of their relationship is refreshing and surprisingly mature for someone so young:

She's an amazing person. But after watching the season back, I realized that there were other relationships that seemed a little more right than ours. Also, [Kaitlyn's fiancé] Shawn [Booth] and I are really good friends, and I see how happy he is and how happy she is, and that allowed me to move on and build a relationship with them as friends.

How perfect is this guy?

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As for Ben's celeb crush? If any of the Bachelor contestants resemble Blake Lively, it certainly won't hurt their chances. Ben says he has always been attracted to Blake, whom he considers "the all-around good girl."

Um ... Tenley Molzahn, anyone?!

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