Vicki Gunvalson May Have Met Her 'Real Housewives' Match In Meghan King Edmonds

Real Housewives of Orange County viewers have come to know Vicki Gunvalson as someone who is not afraid to back down in an argument. This woman always stands her ground, even when that ground is ridiculously shaky.


But when things finally came to the ultimate boiling point with Meghan King Edmonds at a luncheon hosted by Heather Dubrow, the cast's newbie did not let Vicki take her down with a strong fight.

The confrontation we've been waiting for between Meghan and Vicki over what a psychic said about "not seeing" cancer at the mention of Brooks Ayers's name finally happened, and it was a doozy.

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While Meghan insisted she wasn't calling Brooks a liar, she was just concerned and baffled over why he wouldn't pursue all avenues of treatment for the disease, Vicki wasn't having any of it. She went on the attack big-time, saying:

You need to go away. You're a little girl. You have not been through life like we have been.

Vicki then went on to wag her finger at Meghan, telling her to shut up. Well, Meghan's response was priceless.

You're just an old woman who's pissed off and bitter so why don't you shut up.

It was all sorts of amazing. Seriously. While it's not cool to call anyone an old woman, it was Vicki who brought age into it when she kept referring to Meghan as a little girl. If you're gonna dish it out, you better be able to take it, Vic.

Next week's preview looks even more intense, with Meghan's husband Jim telling Vicki exactly where she can go. Oh, Orange County, you have never been so wild.


Image via Charles Sykes/Bravo

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