It's Starting to Look Like 'Dancing With the Stars' Is Not Kaitlyn Bristowe's Reality TV Comeback

Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars airs in just a few weeks, which means cast announcements will hit us any day now. If the rumors are to be believed, one big name will be missing from that list, because reportedly, Kaitlyn Bristowe has not been asked to join Dancing with the Stars this season. Ouch.


Basically, the thought is this: The show premieres on September 14, and typically, the stars start dancing with their partners in Los Angeles a few weeks before the air date. So that's where Kaitlyn would or should be right now if she's dancing on the show ... but we've been getting a steady stream of social media posts from the direction of Vancouver. 

As a dancer for most of her life and a generally popular Bachelorette, Kaitlyn seems like she would have been a good choice for DWTS. She even said a couple weeks ago that she'd be totally down to do the show, as long as she was confident her relationship with Shawn would survive it first.

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But it's starting to sound like ... I dunno, like they don't want her? I mean, is it possible that ABC is still mad at her for ruining the ending of her season when it was just four weeks in?

Or, maybe, she turned them down. Yeah! I like that. She realized that spending weeks on end doing sexy dances with a sexy dancing man might make Shawn (whom we already know to be somewhat of a jealous person) all angry and flustered and not his best self.

Then again, maybe the Snaps and Instas will dry up in the next few days, and that'll be all the proof we need that she is doing DWTS. Ugh! Just tell us what you really mean, Kaitlyn!


Image via unreservedwine/Instagram

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