The 'Unauthorized Full House Story' Didn't Get Much Love from the Real Cast Members

fuller houseIf you're counting down the days until the Netflix reboot of Full House premieres, then chances are you probably tuned into The Unauthorized Full House Story on Lifetime last night. And guess what? You weren't alone: The Fuller House cast tuned in, too -- and they weren't happy!


Granted, it's gotta be tough to see a bunch of B-list actors spoofing your past performances -- on-screen and off -- so we really can't blame Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber (D.J. and Kimmy, respectively) for taking to Twitter to express their disdain. (John Stamos, for his part, was more upbeat about the whole thing, as you'll see below.)  But still, can you imagine how the cast of the Lifetime flick felt when they saw tweets like these?


Haha, that face!! Who can forget it?? Still, though. Ouch, Andrea! Even though Candace was even more painfully blunt:


Yikes!! Guess she wasn't happy with the kid they cast as D.J., huh? Or maybe it was all the "behind-the-scenes" drama, like the part where the Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos characters did whip-its and had a huge whipped cream fight. Still, that didn't seem to bother Stamos much, who (as we mentioned before) was surprisingly upbeat in his related tweet:


Awww, what a nice guy. See, Stamos knows that imitation (however poorly executed) is the highest form of flattery. Hey, how many people get a Lifetime movie made about them, after all?

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As for what the Olsen twins thought, however, we'll probably never know. Mostly because I'm pretty sure they don't even know what the Lifetime channel is.

Image via candacecbure/Instagram

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