Jenelle Evans Felt 'Threatened' by Nathan Griffith's New Girlfriend

She just can't seem to keep her temper reined in, can she? After her latest arrest for attacking her baby daddy's new girlfriend, Jenelle Evans's lawyer is explaining that the reason Jenelle attacked Nathan Griffith's girlfriend was because she felt threatened.


Jenelle's attorney, Amy S. Lawrence, claims that she asked Nate not to bring his new lady friend to her house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. But when he came to pick up some of his things, he ended up breaking their agreement.

"It's my understanding that Nathan was asked to come get some of his things and that [Evans] would leave them at the end of the driveway so that there would be no need to have interaction between the two of them," Lawrence said. "And Jenelle had requested that he not bring his new girlfriend and he said that’s fine."

"She was at the house and had just got Kaiser [the 13-month-old son the pair share] down for a nap, and looked out the window and she was with him. And so she called him and asked him to please leave and he hung up on her. And then he pulled in the driveway and so she walked out and she had a glass of ice water in her hand, and it's my understanding that he got out and ... had a verbal altercation."

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Lawrence said that when Nathan's new girlfriend got out of the car, Jenelle felt "threatened," and threw water at her. It was allegedly the "momentum" that caused her to throw the glass as well.

Um, sure.

The lawyer also pointed out that the other woman then "picked up the glass and threw it at Jenelle," although she was not arrested.

Look, Nathan is a jerk to Jenelle sometimes, and no doubt he was acting like one on Thursday, when the alleged altercation took place. But Jenelle needs to learn to keep it in check if she wants to move forward with her life. She's still trying to get custody of Jace back from her mom Barbara, and incidents like this aren't exactly going to help her case.


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