Chris Harrison: 15 'Bachelor Nation' Women He Should Consider Dating (PHOTOS)

Chris HarrisonWe've been saying this since Chris Harrison and his ex-wife, Gwen, got divorced in 2012: Our favorite Bachelor host needs to take his own turn at being in the driver's seat. It'd be awesome if Chris was the next Bachelor, even though he's said time and time again that it's never going to happen. But we're willing to settle for the next best thing -- a relationship with a Bachelor Nation lady. 


After working so closely with so many of them over the years, there's no way that feelings haven't happened with Chris and one of the contestants, right? And after all, the women of Bachelor Nation are gorgeous. Chris would definitely be lucky to date any one of these ladies! He's helped so many people find love, it's only fair that he gets his happily ever after, too. 

Click through to see who might make a good match for Chris. We'll be here, crossing our fingers that this actually happens! 


Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

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