7 'Bachelorette' Couples Who Didn't Survive the 'Bachelor' Curse (PHOTOS)

Nicole Pomarico | Aug 28, 2015 TV

When The Bachelorette kicked off in 2003, it was immediately more promising than its predecessor, The Bachelor. After all, Season 1 couple Trista and Ryan are still married after more than 10 years together! But unfortunately, not every couple has been as lucky as they are, and the seasons since then have brought a lot of heartbreak.

There's no way around it: As much as we wish it weren't true, the Bachelor curse is a very real thing. Falling in love in a few short weeks isn't always the ideal situation for a real, working relationship, and sometimes, the romances that seem so solid at the start end up falling apart as soon as things like work, family, and regular daily stress come into play.

Here are all of the couples from The Bachelorette who just couldn't make it work in the real world. Fingers crossed that Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe don't meet the same fate. They're so adorable together! 

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  • Meredith Phillips & Ian McKee


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    Meredith and Ian might have been only the second couple to come from The Bachelorette, but they were definitely not the second success story. Their relationship only lasted a year after the finale, and even though this pic looks totally '90s, it was early 2000s. Time flies, y'all! 

  • Jen Schefft & Jerry Ferris


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    Although every other season of The Bachelorette has ended with a proposal (and the same can't be said for The Bachelor), Jen decided to give her relationship with Jerry a chance to grow -- without the engagement ring. Ultimately, she decided they were better as friends. 

  • DeAnna Pappas & Jesse Csincsak


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    DeAnna and Jesse couldn't make their relationship work and ended up breaking up just months before their wedding. It's a happy ending, though. Now DeAnna's married to Stephen Stagliano, and their daughter, Addison, is the cutest ever. She's also pregnant with baby number two!

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  • Jillian Harris & Ed Swiderski


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    It seemed like Jillian and Ed were going to live happily ever after, but it wasn't meant to be. They broke up a year after their proposal aired, and Jillan's still a single lady these days -- and she seems to be loving it! 

  • Ali Fedotowsky & Roberto Martinez


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    Ali and Roberto almost made it work ... hey, two years is nothing to scoff at! But eventually, they decided they were better off apart. Ali went off to be a correspondent for E! News, and she recently bought a home with her boyfriend, Kevin Manno.

  • Emily Maynard and Jef Holm


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    If there was ever a Bachelorette couple we believed would make it work, it was Emily and Jef, but the fairy tale came to a rapid end. The couple lasted less than a year, but it all worked out. Now, Emily's happily married to Tyler Johnson, and they just welcomed their first son together this summer.

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  • Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray


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    As far as social media was concerned, Andi and Josh were blissfully happy together in the months following their season. But then, in January 2015, poor Andi was absolutely heartbroken when she and Josh decided to call it quits. 

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