Ashley Salter Finds Her Happy Ending -- But Not on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

It was so tough to watch her get dumped on this week's Bachelor in Paradise, but don't dwell on it too much, because rumor has it that Ashley Salter has a new boyfriend. Or should we say an old boyfriend? Reality Steve is reporting that Ashley S. is dating her ex-boyfriend from college.


It was drama city on Bachelor in Paradise this week when Dan Cox wanted to explore other options, after he basically made her fall in love with him during the first episode. Remember when she got totally sick, and Dan rushed by her side to the hospital to be with her? She was obviously crushed by eventual rejection, since she was basically only there for him.

It seems as though Ash and her college boyfriend reunited in June, after filming for the reality show wrapped. She dated Austin Brannen when they were both students at Auburn University, and apparently they've been inseparable ever since she got back from Mexico, where this season of Bachelor in Paradise was filmed.

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What a crazy road for her to find true love! Remember when she was just the onion-eating crazy girl on Chris Soules's season of The Bachelor? And then the whole fiasco with Dan on Bachelor in Paradise. But hey, sometimes the road to love is not a straight path, and if that's what she had to go through to find someone who loves her just the way she is, then we're just glad she's finally happy.

As for Dan -- he doesn't seem like that bad of guy, despite rejecting Ashley on national television. If he wasn't feeling it, then he wasn't feeling it. No need to prolong things that aren't going anywhere. Plus he had nothing but well wishes for his former flame.

According to Inquisitr, Dan said, "Wish nothing but the best for Ashley S., seriously an amazing person inside and out."

Looks like Ashley Salter is finally getting her happily ever after!


Image via absalt/Instagram

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