Leah Messer Breaks Down After Being Served Divorce Papers … at the Grocery Store (VIDEO)

Things have been going downhill rapidly for Leah Messer and her now ex-husband on this season of Teen Mom 2. On Thursday's episode, we finally get to see the devastating scene after Leah was served divorce papers in a grocery store parking lot.


Last week, he said he was going to divorce her -- a threat he had made in the past -- but it looks like he actually followed through with it this time. Take a look at this clip and try not to cringe!

Leah has a breakdown, crying to a friend about how she was served the papers. Unfortunately, the scene wasn't captured on camera, but given how shaken up Leah is while telling her friend about it, it was pretty devastating.

In between carpooling her daughters to various activities, Leah gets out of the car to talk to a friend about it. "It was at a grocery store," she says, when asked how it happened.

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"Oh my God, that makes it even more awkward!" her friend responds. Leah is obviously distraught, and tells her friend, "It's like, when is enough going to be enough? I'm to my wit's end ... I don't even know what to do. I feel like it's going to push me over the edge."

Poor Leah! Couldn't Jeremy have found a better way to serve her the paperwork other than the grocery store? Talk about embarrassing.


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