The Truth Comes Out About Jenelle Evans's Domestic Violence Charges Against Nathan Griffith

Whoa, Jenelly! Things have been escalating for all the ladies on Teen Mom 2 this season, but the biggest thing to happen on this week's episode was Nathan Griffith getting arrested for that infamous domestic violence charge against Jenelle Evans last March.


The episode starts out with a 911 call from Jenelle's neighbor, who reports that she heard yelling coming from the house. The police came, and it was an epically sad scene of Nate crying and begging for Jenelle to tell the cops "the truth." Jenelle remains unmoved, and shows the police her hands, and the injuries she sustained when Nathan tried to remove her engagement ring from her finger.

After Nate got out of jail, the judge issued a no-contact order, even though he told a friend that it was a "stupid altercation," and that it got "blown up." He says that he never intended to hurt her. "I was just trying to get the ring off of her finger ... I was like, 'bloop!'" he explains, while making hand motions of gently removing a ring from his own finger. Um, yeah.

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After telling his friend that he knows Jenelle gets upset that he talks to other women from time to time, he laments, "I think a lot of our problems arise from me not getting enough attention."

Then he got upset that he couldn't send her flowers, texts, or even Facebook messages, and said, "I couldn't leave Jenelle. I love her too much ... our hearts are in sync ... I know she misses me just as much as I miss her. She's my fiancée, and the mother of my child. I want our family back together ... I f**ked up."

Oyza. I cannot believe that Jenelle took him back after this episode was filmed! Their problems stem from his not getting enough attention? Le sigh.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been doing much better, and go on vacation with his family to Florida. They also got some bombshell information that Kail's baby daddy Jo Rivera is expecting a new baby with his girlfriend Vee Torres.

Over in South Dakota, Chelsea Houska is all set to go to court with Adam Lind, who seems to have the insane idea that he's going to get 50 percent custody of their 5-year-old daughter Aubree. As Chelsea's lawyer points out, Adam has a 28-page rap sheet, so that's unlikely to happen.

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All's well that ends well for Chels, as the judge decides to leave custody as it is -- Adam may have have Aubs every other weekend, under the supervision of his parents. Also? Adam totally got arrested after their hearing, because -- oops! -- he forgot to pay child support for his other daughter with Taylor Halbur.

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And it was quite the week for Leah Calvert Messer, who got served divorce papers by her husband, Jeremy Calvert. Leah has been trying so hard to hold it together, and even considers going away to a "therapeutic treatment place."

The episode ends with her crying into the phone as she tells Jeremy about it, and he says that he's glad she is taking care of herself, but it's not going to change his mind about divorcing her.

What an emotional ride this week!


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