'Teen Mom' Star Wants to Donate Her Eggs to a Worthy Cause

She my be busy raising her 4-year-old daughter Molli, but this single Teen Mom star is already looking to procreate again -- just not in the way that you think. Katie Yeager revealed she's in the process of donating her eggs, to a couple who needs her help to procreate.


The reality star took to Instagram recently to share a pic of the hormone injections she's currently taking so that her eggs may be harvested.

Egg donor probs. #IVF #hormonesfordays ��

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"Egg donor problems," she casually captioned the photo, and honestly, we can't help but be impressed by her willingness to do this for another couple. When a fan asked her who she was doing it for, she responded simply that she's "donating to a couple in need."

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Donating eggs usually takes several months, start to finish, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. That seems to be about right, as Yeager tweeted in May that she was beginning the process, and three months later is doing injections.

It's unclear if she personally knows the couple, or just wants to do this so another couple can welcome a child into the world, but it's pretty cool she's willing to do this. Aside from the poking and prodding and invasive questioning and various medical procedures, it's probably somewhat surreal to know that some little person with half your genetic code is running around in the world.

It takes a strong person to take on that challenge, and Katie seems up to it! We're wishing her a healthy harvest, and hopefully a happy and healthy nine months to the lucky couple.


Image via katiebyeager/Instagram

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