Shawn Booth's Dad Shares His Thoughts on Kaitlyn Bristowe -- She's Not Going to Be Happy

Kaitlyn Bristowe Shawn BoothWhen you love someone, it's always nice to know you have the support and encouragement of your family as you make the decision to take that next step in your lives. Poor Shawn Booth: Reportedly Shawn's dad doesn't think he and Kaitlyn Bristowe will marry or that she is the one for him.


A source reportedly told the National Enquirer that Booth's dad Steve has zero confidence in their relationship lasting for very long because he believes the Bachelorette is "too fickle" and "flighty." I guess it didn't help that Shawn's family — and all of America — witnessed the 30-year-old dancer tell her current fiancé she was into him on the show before then allowing herself to be swept off of her feet by Nick Viall. From a parent's perspective, I could understand Steve's concern — when my son and daughter fall in love, I, too, want to know their partners only have eyes for them.

Steve apparently told his son exactly what he thought about Kaitlyn and their relationship, and admitted he's worried because he knows Shawn is in love with Kaitlyn. Sources say Shawn knows his dad is "skeptic, but he values his advice more than anyone's in the entire world."

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This can't be good for Kaitlyn. We already hear the new couple is having trouble agreeing on wedding plans and where they want to live after they get married. Few people even thought they would last this long, given the rumor that Shawn was having trouble getting over his jealousy after the Nick and Kaitlyn sex scandal broke. The last thing they need is for anyone close to either party to confirm what some of us suspect: They may not have what it takes to make it to the finish line.

I hope this is all just a silly rumor — and, even if it isn't, it's possible Kaitlyn will prove Steve wrong by showing her commitment to Shawn now that they're no longer reality TV stars.


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