Amber Portwood Responds to Rumors Claiming She's Involved in a Drug Ring

Admittedly, the Teen Mom OG star has experienced her fair share of life's pitfalls, but now there are rumors circulating indicating that Amber Portwood is involved in a drug ring -- and she's fighting mad about it.


The whole debacle started when a not-so-blind item was tweeted about a Teen Mom being involved in a drug ring dealing with prescription pills and steroids. It then cited Amber and her fiancé Matthew Baier.

Yeah, that makes the item not blind anymore, just for the record.

Considering Amber has been trying really hard to keep her life on the straight and narrow since being released from prison in 2013, she didn't take lightly to these accusations.

Can you blame a girl for standing up for herself? We certainly can't. When your life's missteps have been recorded on a reality television show for everyone to see and tracked by tabloids, it's impossible not to get defensive when you're trying to live a clean, happy life and people still keep trying to bring you down.

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Hopefully Amber can continue to rise above it all and continue making strides to better her life. Haters are gonna hate, but she certainly doesn't have to play along.


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