'Bachelor in Paradise' Villain Joe Bailey Gets Thrown Under the Bus By Samantha Steffen

In about one week flat, everyone watching Bachelor in Paradise flipped from not thinking about Joe Bailey at all outside of the context of his weird hair to ranking him as the #3 villain the franchise has ever seen. Have whiplash? Us too. And now the one person left who actually seemed to like Joe has turned -- Samantha Steffen claimed that she, too, was tricked by Joe Bailey, Public Villain #3.


Bachelor in Paradise last night was basically an hour of TV dedicated to proving how much Joe sucks, and halfway through the episode, Samantha started tweeting. Here's what she had to say about Joe:

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She also captioned an Instagram post with this:

saw joe with kait, He texted me, i took the bait. His goal, to make me his mate. I saw BIP episode 2 too late. Will there be a wedding cake? Or is it all a mistake? Maybe I should go jump in a lake. #hindsights2020 #bachelorinparadise #bip #bachelornation

Basically, it sounds like Samatha is trying to get back on our good side after we all decided that we hate Joe, and part of me feels like we should let her. Yeah, she wasn't that great to Juelia, but it could also be true that she really didn't know what she was getting into. She could have listened better, but at least she apologized? I guess?

But there are still SO many weeks of Paradise left -- I guess we can assume for now that Joe and Sam didn't make it, since she's having such a dramatic change of heart now. But I really can't wait to see how it ends.


Image via samanthasteffen_/Instagram

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