Brandi Glanville Says Troubled Pal Kim Richards Just Needs to 'Rid This Sickness'

She's never been one to mince words -- but typically sharp-tongued former Real Housewives castmember Brandi Glanville actually has some comforting words for friend Kim Richards.


Of course the irony is not lost on me that Us Weekly talked to Brandi about Kim's sobriety at the Drinking and Dating author's new Unfiltered Blonde Chardonnay launch ... but the author did have some kind words to say about her friend.

I've been in contact with Kim. Not in the last week, but definitely, I've had her at my home. I had her stay. I love her to pieces and she's got such a great soul. She's so smart, and she's so vibrant.

Brandi added:

She just has to get rid of this sickness, and then she'll be fine.

If only recovering from substance addiction were that easy. While I feel like Brandi's attitude is supportive, it seems a touch naive. Then again, Kim is going to need all of the help she can from rallying family and friends to get back on track. 

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Since Kim, like Brandi, won't be returning to the reality series next season, hopefully it gives her time to rest, recover, and get to the healthy place where she needs to be to find happiness.


Image via Roshan Perera / Splash News

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