Jenelle Evans Might Be Facing an Epic Custody Battle With Nathan Over Son Kaiser

jenelle evansWell? One Teen Mom star is pretty busy these days, to say the least. Between breaking up with Nathan Griffith, trying to get her son Jace back from her mom Barbara, losing lots of weight, and hanging out with ex Kieffer Delp, Now Jenelle Evans is possibly gearing up for yet another custody battle -- this time over 1-year-old son Kaiser.


According to a "friend" of Evans who spoke with Radar, now that things are over with Nathan, Jenelle is considering moving away from South Carolina, where they both live -- and taking little Kaiser with her.

“Jenelle is trying to move to Wilmington, N.C.,” said the friend. “She wants to move to make a fresh start.”

“Kaiser would move with Jenelle, and Nathan knows that. Nathan says it will upset him that his son will be 1.5 hours away, but he said he will just have to go up to visit him or meet Jenelle with his mom. They haven’t spoken about it yet. She needs to move first.”

In the meantime, the couple are trying to handle the time-split with Kaiser as amicably as possible: 

“Kaiser stayed with Jenelle for a week and Nathan just got Kaiser for the weekend. They don’t talk unless they are talking about Kaiser or exchanging Kaiser."

Well, that's probably a good idea. Since Jenelle and Nathan's conversations tend to involve lots of mean words, delivered at a rather high volume. And it's also a good idea that they're already trying to establish a pattern for Kaiser where he gets to spend time with both parents consistently. Plus, an hour and a half isn't that big of a deal -- plenty of divorced parents commute at least that far on a regular basis to be with their kids (hell, plenty of people commute at least that far on a daily basis to work). 

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That said, things have been so tumultuous with these two that I wouldn't be surprised if Nathan tried to use Jenelle's impending move against her somehow. At some point these two are going to end up having to hammer out a custody agreement in court, and while those proceedings might end up being relatively friendly, they also might not.

So let's hope that Jenelle thinks this move through on every level before she goes through with it. (It's not clear how the relocation would affect Jace.) Still, a fresh start could be exactly what this family needs!


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