More Trouble for Joe Giudice as Police Are Called to His Jersey Shore Beach House

Joe Giudice, courtWhat happens at the Jersey Shore doesn't seem to stay there -- or off the TMZ radar, for that matter. Cops were summoned to Joe Giudice's beach house over a recent argument that has people wondering just what the heck happened.


This whole debacle allegedly started after Gia -- Joe and Teresa's eldest daughter -- got locked out of the family beach home. Apparently Joe wasn't too happy with the 14-year-old, as a neighbor who heard him screaming at her from the backyard thought an intervention was necessary.

Needless to say, that didn't go over very well given Joe and his lady neighbor got into a shouting match of their own. Police were eventually called but made no arrests. "It was a keep [and] restore the peace call made over loud arguing," patrol officer Christopher Fritz told People, who added that police were actually there in regard to an argument between two men. Hmm.

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Well, despite what actually happened, it's always a risky decision to get in the middle of someone's business -- especially if that someone is a parent. I'm not faulting this neighbor for her convictions, but I wonder if she ever watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey and knew about the Giudice temper (you can always phone the cops without confronting anyone). Maybe she had a cordial relationship with the family that made her comfortable enough to speak to Joe. From the sound of things, it doesn't seem like she'll score an invite to the next family outing, or even a take-home plate of food for that matter.

No Fabellini for you.

One would think that all the negative media attention Joe and his family have received would make him think twice about his actions in public, regardless if someone eggs you on or not. With a lengthy prison sentence on the horizon (he'll spend 41 months in the slammer for fraud), the last thing you need is more bad press.

At least no table-flipping was involved, which is always a good thing.


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