'Bachelor in Paradise' Ruins One of the Good Relationships -- You'll Hate the New One In Its Place

The whole premise of Bachelor in Paradise is more or less the ultimate recipe for a romance (drinks, bikinis, crazy people), so it does make sense that so many couples paired off so quickly. But could there be trouble ... in Paradise??? 


It's a terrible pun, but a true one -- Jade and Tanner, Carly and Kirk, and Dan and Ashley S. all coupled up during Week 1, and since it seems like we've exhausted the Lauren/Ashley I. drama for now, it's about time that at least one of those happy relationships comes crumbling down.

This week, it was Dan and Ashley S. -- Dan spouted some nonsense about wanting to "play the field," which, okay, is kind of a little fair. But he didn't have to be so mean about it.

Actually, Kirk tried to play the same game and talked a big talk about wanting to befriend the other girls and test the waters with them. But then he spent more time with Carly and realized she's great and he'd be crazy to give that up. Obviously.

Dan, unfortunately, did not have that same epiphany, so his convo with Ash didn't go so well -- she threatened to leave the show (but thankfully didn't try the same suitcase-in-sand shtick that Lauren did last week, because watching that would have been entirely too much pain for us to handle).

Meanwhile, Jade and Tanner are still perfect and adorable.

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All of that, though, basically means nothing in light of Joe's MASSIVE BETRAYAL of Juelia. Here's the thing with that: It could have been okay. If he didn't lead her on so much last week and if he didn't treat her like she was stupid tonight (AND ALSO call her "What's-her-name" in his little interview -- I mean come on, dude), then he could have gotten out of this one on the grounds that his connection with Samantha really is great.

But no: Instead, we had to deal with his being a garbage human being for a full two hours. It was terrible.

At least he cut his hair since The Bachelorette.


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