New 'Bachelor' Spin-Off Show Sounds Like an Irresistible Disaster in the Making

It doesn't really matter how great or how terrible The Bachelor and its spin-offs are -- if they put them on our TVs, we're going to sit around and watch them. And now we don't have to make do with Dancing with the Stars after The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise are all over because The Bachelor showrunner Mike Fleiss is creating another Bachelor spin-off called Love at First Kiss. And it's going to be terrible and also amazing.


The idea is that two single strangers (gay or straight -- doesn't matter for this one) walk up to each other and kiss. Then they have to decide if they want to spend more time with each other -- if both say they do, they get a two-minute speed date. If one or both says no, they're done.

If they say yes to the kiss and yes to the speed date, then they get to go on a real first date, which, for the purposes of this show, is the "final stage." We get to watch everything up until this point, but after their first date, we're done with them (although knowing the kinds of people who end up on The Bachelor, we'll still hear from them sometimes, thank God).

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So. Is it genius? Obviously. It's like a massive televised social experiment, and I can't wait to watch every minute. Who cares if a kiss can lead to "true romance" or not? I'm just excited to see all the awkwardness this premise creates.

The show will be on VH1, and they already ordered eight episodes, which means we'll have a solid first season waiting for us when it airs this fall. This fall! So soon.

No word yet on whether or not Chris Harrison will be there, but we can sure hope. What would a Bachelor spin-off be, after all, without Chris Harrison? Empty and meaningless, or something worse?


Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

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