Maci Bookout Gets Torn to Pieces on Instagram for Wearing a Waist Trainer (PHOTO)

maci bookoutYet another Teen Mom is getting slammed for a controversial photo -- but it's not what you think. No, because this time it's the relatively low-key (at least compared to her costars) Maci Bookout who's being criticized by fans for doing something potentially unsafe -- but is it really?


Furious commenters came out in droves after Bookout posted a picture of herself wearing a waist trainer with the caption:

"Wearing My Favorite Waist Cincher From @Colombianwaist. Use the code 'Maci' for a discount Thanks@Colombianwaist! #Lovingmyresults #GotMyPreBabyBodyBack #Tryit #IUseTheirCaffeineCreamAlso"

Here's the pic:

Seemingly harmless endorsement, right? Except not to people who are convinced that waist trainers are unsafe, or at least ineffective, and that Bookout is misleading her innocent fans. Among the more irate comments:

"It's the fakest sh*t out there. Like what is this, the 1800s. Girls, get off your lazy ass and pick up some weights or make a salad lol."

"This is not good for your organs. You're small without this mess. If you want to be in shape do it the right way, the healthy way."

"Am disappointed, didn't think you'd advertise this."

"These are not safe. I'm kind of surprised you're promoting them."

Yikes! It's not like Maci is actually manufacturing these things, she's just wearing one (and, I would assume, receiving some sort of compensation from the company for promoting it).

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But even though this is pretty much a paid advertisement, Maci has a right to say she likes and/or uses a certain product on social media -- it's not like she's forcing any of her fans to do the same. And she's hardly the only celebrity to sing the praises of waist trainers (the Kardashians, JWoww, Snooki, and Kim Zolciak are among the other stars to post pics of themselves wearing the devices).

Do waist trainers work? I have no idea. Do I want to try one? No, never. It looks like a medieval torture device and I don't think I'd like wearing one at all. But hey, I'm not judging anybody who's into the trend! And I'm certainly not going to blame a Teen Mom for posting one to her Instagram. Give the girl a break!


Image via macideshanebookout/Instagram

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