'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Joe Bailey's Life Threatened After Horrible Behavior on Show

Whenever he made the personal decision to go into Bachelor in Paradise as a villain, it may not have been his brightest idea. Joe Bailey is receiving death threats via social media after his dreadful behavior appeared on the show.


In case you missed it, Joe completely used Juelia Kinney, the single mom who appeared on Chris Soules's Bachelor season, just to get a rose in order to stay in paradise a little while longer.

We've actually seen that maneuver in the past on the show, so while it was cringeworthy to watch, it wasn't really the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to angering fans.

What could be worse?

Oh, that's right. When Joe had a seemingly serious conversation with cast mates Mikey Tenerelli and Jonathan Holloway about the "right reasons" to be in paradise but was actually completely manipulating the situation. Once the other guys walked away Joe spewed a lot of hate about them and then proceeded to threaten getting in a physical altercation with Jonathan.

What the what?

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Yeah, so that didn't sit so well with fans and here's how it played out according to Joe.

My question: Is it really worth it to go on TV and act like a jerk for a few extra minutes of fame? Personally, I don't think it is. It seems like a misguided move in the long-term, like in the future when you actually do want to settle down and have a family. What will you tell your kids when they come across this little gem one day? But I guess if more people thought this way it wouldn't make for very interesting reality TV. So keep doing what you do, reality villains.


Image via ABC

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