Leah Messer Confronts Her Biggest Fear About Jeremy Calvert

Leah Messer and familyThere were some ups, some downs -- and even a flat tire -- as the drama kicked into high gear tonight on Teem Mom 2. While Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry fortunately had some nice moments mixed with the not-at-all-nice, Leah Messer was not so lucky -- as things sadly seem to be unraveling in the young mom's life even more.

Nathan kicked things off by drunkenly berating Jenelle, throwing ugly words her way because he thought she was talking to other guys. Later on he disappeared for a week, claiming to be on "business" -- and then returned, giggling and barely making any sense, and having only the vaguest of explanations for his whereabouts. One good thing for Jenelle, though, was that Barbara had a change of heart about not letting Jenelle see Jace for a while -- and Jenelle got to have an awesome time with her little guy for a bit. By the end of the ep, though, she took off from the house she shares with Nathan, taking baby Kaiser with her (seemingly without Nathan's realizing). Wish she'd stay away from him for good, at this point.
Chelsea, meanwhile, is concerned after hearing that Adam and his ex Taylor have been talking a lot lately. Chelsea thinks Adam is going to use his manipulation skills to get Taylor back on his side -- and that it's going to mess with Chelsea's court case. (Adam is trying to get 50/50 of his daughters -- and Chelsea and Taylor were teaming up against it.) On a happier note, Chelsea said she and Cole plan to have kids -- Chelsea wants three -- but she said she wants to wait until they're married. Sounds like she's got some awesome things on the horizon, even if she has to deal with this craziness first.
Kailyn and Javi had another blowout, this time on their way to an overnight getaway in Philadelphia. They even got a flat tire during their heated back-and-forth. Kailyn is still annoyed that Javi's jealous ways have been ruining her friendships. Javi had a talk with his sister that put things into perspective a bit, though, and he later sat down with Kailyn to apologize for his recent behavior -- and the two ended their part of the episode off on a really nice note. Glad to see it!
Things are falling apart for Leah, though. Jeremy has had it -- he's never around (he's often away for work), and he's threatening divorce again ... only this time he seems to be 100% serious. Even on their anniversary, Jeremy won't text her back. Leah tells a friend that a divorce with Jeremy is one of her biggest fears; Jeremy tells a friend that Leah's not the same girl he fell in love with. Sobbing in her car by herself, Leah expresses that she's been dealing with her issues alone for three years. (Earlier in the ep, she mentioned her anxiety and depression to a friend, and admitted to having a spending problem.) It's been truly heartbreaking watching Leah go through everything she's going through this season. Wishing only good things for the poor young mom.
We're rooting for you, Leah -- and sending you all the positive vibes possible!
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